Cyclone separator

Scope of Application:

The shredder blower pulls waste materials through, shredding it into smaller pieces, then through the pipeline directly to the separator, so that the material and the air separated

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* Designed for air and waste materials separation.

* The cyclone separator feed from the side, discharging the wind from the top, so the installation height should be tall enough.
* There will be dust in the air vents, can collect the dust and then proceed it together.
* The separator diameter and height are determined by the total air flow into the processing system.

Technical Parameters

ModelDiameter(mm)Air Exhausting Way
JPZQFL-15001500upper exhausting
JPZQFL-18001800upper exhausting
JPZQFL-20002000upper exhausting
JPZQFL-22002200upper exhausting
JPZQFL-25002500upper exhausting


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