Horizontal semi-automatic compression baler JPW40BC/60BC/80BC/100BC/120BC/150BC

Scope of Application:
It is suitable for compression and packaging of various conventional materials such as hard cardboard, plastic, fiber, sponge, cloth, etc., and is widely used in various factories and recycling industries.

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* The closed type left and right opening structure makes bale more compact.
* High-strength bale-out door, hydraulic door locking , with safe and convenient operation.
* PLC program control, electric button control, with feeding detection and automatic compression.
* The bale length can be set, and there is a bundling reminder device.
* Each iron wire or strapping rope only needs to be inserted manually once to complete the twisting, saving labor.
* The size and voltage of the bale can be customized according to the reasonable requirements of the customer, and the weight of the bale is different depending on the material.


* Three-phase voltage, safety interlock, simple operation, can be equipped with air pipe and conveyor feeding material with higher efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Compression force(Ton)406080100120150
Bale size(W*H*L)mm720*720*(300-1000)750*850*(300-1100)1100*800*(300-1100)1100*1100*(300-1100)1100*1200*(300-1200)1100*1200*(300-1300)
Feed opening size(L*W)mm1000*7201200*7501350*11001500*11001600*11001800*1100
Bale lines4 lines4 lines4 lines5 lines5lines5lines
Bale weight(Kg)250-350350-500500-600600-800800-10001000-1200
Machine size(L*W*H)mm6500*1200*19007200*1310*20408100*1550*23008300*1600*24008500*1600*24008800*1850*2550
Bale-out wayOne-off bale outOne-off bale outOne-off bale outOne-off bale outOne-off bale outOne-off bale out


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