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    There are many assembly line production enterprises in our customer group who lies emphasis on automatic processes and has high requirement on the design of waste discharging system. For these customers, we will assign experienced engineers to the customers site. The engineers will examine the site,...

  • Unloading and hoisting

    Unloading and hoisting

    Vertical balers higher than 2550mm are packaged and delivered laterally lay down. When the machine is arrived, unload the machine with forklift which is heavier than the machine. Choose the centre-of-gravity position and pay attention to the around. Hoist the machine as low as possible, move it smoo...

  • Installation and debugging

    Installation and debugging

    Whether for single machine installation or complete waste discharging system debugging, we shall assign professional technicians to the customers site, to ensure the machine run normally and effectively. Meanwhile, we provide technical training to your operating and maintaining staff. We possess pro...

  • Maintenance and Care

    Maintenance and Care

    According to the experience in maintaining and caring for over 10 years, we noticed people used to seek emergency repair only when it occurs fault or even break down, thus cause huge shutdown losses, or even seriously affect the production and delivery time. However, sometimes these are evitable. We...

  • Operating practice (for reference)

    Operating practice (for reference)

    This safety operation regulation applicable to baler machine operators and strapping personnel. Be aware of the key hazards, main danger sources and important surrounding factors. (It is suggested that purchaser sign a security undertaking with the operator) Safety operation regulations for horizont...

  • Technical support

    Technical support

    We provide lifetime technical support services to every machine we sold. Every machine we sold has been recorded with a serial number. When a failure occurs to the machine, even over ten years later, we can search out relative records about your machine in our system. If you need to replace any spar...

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