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PET Strapping

PET Strapping

Suitable for all kinds of balers (vertical, semi-automatic,fully-automatic, manual packing Machine), an exceptionally strong adhesion, large tensile, light weight, aesthetic appearance. ...

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Model Width Thickness Coil weight Length Fracture tension(N)/rope Core diameter
PET09505 9.5 0.5 20kg 3250M >2000 406
PET1206 12 0.6 20kg 2150M >3000 406
PET1606 16 0.6 20kg 1600M >4000 406/200
PET1608 16 0.8 20kg 1250M >5400 406/200
PET1906 19 0.6 20kg 1350M >4800 406
PET19010 19 1 20kg 815M >8000 406
PET25010 25 1 20kg 650M >10500 406

* Long-term large tightening force, and not loosing back;there will be 5% buffer elongation when subjected to external impact ; not loose after being packaged
* Existing strip-like tensile strength and anti-impact ductility, better ensuring products transportation safety .
* No worries on the tied objects suffering from rusting steel pollution;bright colors;the goods will not be damaged or corroded
* No sharp edges of the strip, safe operation, neither injury to the hands nor damage to the tied objects
* Melting point is 260 degrees,  no deformation below 120 degrees
* The length of 1 ton PET strap is equivalent to 6 tons of steel metal belt ,unit price per meter is much lower than steel belts, which can significantly reduce the cost for you.

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