JPW-AK60/AK100 Horizontal Dedicated Block-making Baler

JPW-AK60/AK100 Horizontal Dedicated Block-making Baler

Scope: apply to the compression of sawdust, rice husk, wood powder, paper powder, aluminum scrap, fiber etc . This model has require on material moisture content, it is widely used in agriculture, forestry and printing, fiber, aluminum and other industries . ...

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apply to the compression of sawdust, rice husk, wood powder, paper powder, aluminum scrap, fiber etc
This model has  require on material moisture content, 
it is widely  used in agriculture, forestry and printing, fiber, aluminum and other industries .

Data Sheet:
Model JPW-AK60 JPW-AK100
Hydraulic power 60Ton   100Ton  
Packaging size(L*W*H) 300*300*(200-300)mm 320*320*(200-250)mm
Feed opening size(L*H) 500*300mm  500*320mm
Bale weight 5-10Kg/bale 5-15Kg/ bale
Capability 0.2-0.5T/ hour  0.4-0.8T/ hour  
Voltage can be customized can be customized
Power 15KW/20HP 18.5KW/25HP
Machine size(L*W*H) 3900*900*1350mm  4000*920*1350mm
Weight 2100Kg 2600Kg

* Adopting PLC control system, fully automatic and unmanned operation, bales are produced continuously at high speed and with high yields.
* Hydraulically driven, runs steadily, can realize unmanned production by adding detector switch at the feed opening and combing with conveyor feeding.
* Applicable to compress sawdust, wood powder, paper powder and others. Compress is finished by one time. Blocks are easy to store, reducing transport cost.
* Scraps are compressed in to briquettes, which can be handled directly with no need of bagging and would fall apart upon beating.

* It is suitable to compress powder with low moisture content into blocks.
* Output speed can reach 40-60 bales per hour, high efficiency.
* It is closed type hydraulic baler with lifting open-end door, no need to shift balers timely after package, it can push bags continuously.
* It is high strength output door, hydraulic automatic door opening and closing, convenient operation and safety.
* With PLC program and electric button control, one time to complete compression and disposable bag by one button.
* Increased material controller can make the machine automatically start compress automatically. Feed material by manually or automatically, high degree of automation, saving manpower.
* Block size and voltage can be customized according to customers' reasonable requirements. Bales weight depends on different materials.
* Safety interlock, three-phase voltage, simple operation.
* The British imported seals, improve the service life of the cylinder.
* Oil pipe joint uses cone links without gasket, has no phenomenon of oil leak.
* Uses Taiwan imported superposition valve group.
* The motor connects with pump directly to ensure 100% concentricity and prolong the service life of the pump.

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