Horizontal Full-automatic Balers JPW80/100/120/150/200/250QT-S

Horizontal Full-automatic Balers JPW80/100/120/150/200/250QT-S

Fullautomatichorizontalhydraulicbaler,usedinplasticproducts,plasticrubber,fibers,wastetreatmentandotherindustries. ...

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Hydraulic Power(Ton) 80 100 120 150 200 250
Bale Size(W*H*L)mm 1100*800*(500-2100) 1100*1100*(500-2100) 1100*1100*(500-2100) 1100*1100*(500-2100) 1100*1200*(500-2100) 1100*1200*(500-2100)
Feed Opening Size(L*W)mm 1500*1100 1800*110 2000*1100 2200*1100 2400*1100 2400*1100
Bale Lines 4 4 4 5 5 5
Output(Ton/Hr) 5-10 7-12 8-15 10-18 12-22 15-25

*Adopting wire threading and bundling structure from up and down two directions,not easy to fall down and loose.
*The shredder, bottle puncher, carton crusher, etc. can be installed on the feeding port according to various materials to facilitate the compression and increase the efficiency.
*Special preloading device is used to make the packing density higher and the package type more perfect.
After-sale services:
We apply 3-Rs (return, replacement and repair at no charge) for our products, and the warranty is 1 year.
Service commitments:
In case of any problems, please contact with our customer service personnel, we shall communicate with you and address it at the first time. We shall try our best to satisfy you with best price and best services.
Service line: 0086-021-68564313; Fax: 0086-021-58338367; Email: jiajing@shjiajing.com
●Installation and debugging
Please state clearly to the salesmen when signing the contract if onsite installation is required. Our engineers will install the machine and provide training to your operators and maintainers.
●Free services

We provide overall solutions for waste discharging systems for free; assist you to solve any possible problem in the discharging process.
We provide telephone technical support and solutions for all our equipments; enable your machine to work properly, thus ensuring the smooth operation of your whole production line.
●Quality Assurance
The balers are backed by a one year guarantee starting from the ex-factory date, exclusive of man-made damages, wearing parts and natural disasters. Report for repairs will be responded within 8 hours. Our technicians will connect with your field personnel and arrange relevant personnel to address and handle it. We only charges for spare parts and corresponding fees in case of man-made damages or non-quality damages. When beyond warranty period, we supply paid spare parts and staff services.
Due to frequent appearance changes of some products, the machine you received may differ from that on the pictures. It should be subject to the one you received. Meanwhile, we’ll update the pictures as possible as we can. Sorry for the possible inconveniences caused, hope you can understand, thanks!
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